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What kind of city do students in the Beskids region dream of?

Window of opportunity for youth We have a window of opportunity open for everyone and every opinion counts in the Žilina Beskids 2026. During the almost two-year process of our candidacy, we have tried to develop civic participation and get as many suggestions as possible from the inhabitants of Žilina and the Beskids region. At […]



We uncover our final bid book! #4 Borderless Identity, Vrba-Wetzler – In the Footsteps of Heros + investments in Žilina and Čadca

Borderless Identity involves us in an ongoing process of reconciliation with our past by abstracting the uneasy parts of our history and revisiting them in their actual contexts. Helps us reflect on our national, Euro-regional, and European identities, reflecting on the past so that we can better understand who we are. ∞ Refutes stereotypes, myths, […]



We uncover our final bid book #3 Flow of nature, Living Water, Water Exhibitions and investments projects in Žilina, Bielsko-Biała and Frýdek-Místek

Explore our second program pillar ≈ The flow of Nature focused on nature, the climate crisis, and the sensitive connection between artistic creation and nature. Discover a project cluster ≈ Living Water responding to the regulation of watercourses and the loss of contact between the inhabitants of the region and water. ≈ Find out more […]



We uncover our final bid book! #2 Future’s Factories, Public Subjects, Hangar – Creation Centre for Art in the Public space

In the second article from our series of uncovering the final bid book, we present the programme pilar ≫ Future’s Factories, project cluster ≫  Public Subjects and the investment plan ≫  Hangar – Creation Centre for Art in the Public space. Find out more about the structure and content of the final bid book → in a previous […]



We uncover our final bid book! #1 Find out more about content and structure.

This month, we submitted our final bid book to the Ministry of Culture. The bid book is the result of two years of work by our team, dozens of cultural operators in the region on three sides of the border, and hundreds of collaborators from all over Europe.  In the coming days, we will also […]



Beskids Events Advisor – Week 46/2021

19th year of Jazz Autumn in Bielsko-Biała 18th – 20th November 2021 – Bielsko-Biała Three days full of jazz music started yesterday in our partner city Bielsko-Biala at the 19th year of the Jazz Autumn Festival, which continues the legacy and idea of Tomasz Stańko, the legendary Polish composer and trumpeter. Jazz Autumn in Bielsko-Biała […]