Beskids Events Advisor – Week 41/2021

Foto Art Festival 

08. – 24. 10. 2021 – Bielsko Biala

The World Photographic Biennale is taking place in Bielsko-Biała from 8 to 24 October. Most of exhibitions are presented in Poland for the first time and the invited artists are big photographic stars from 20 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Invited artists come to Bielsko-Biała in person and take part in the so-called author’s marathon, i. e., a two-day meeting during which lectures, presentations, film screenings and discussions take place. The festival is accompanied by open exhibitions, multimedia presentations, shows, workshops and film reviews.

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Textile walk

13. 10. 2021 – Frýdek-Místek

Discover the charm of textile industry which influenced not only the architecture of Frýdek-Místek but also the overall life in the town. The guide will acquaint you with the tradition of the textile industry in the town and the region, you will look into places connected with production of textiles and clothing in Frýdek-Místek, you will get to know the manufactory architecture and you will hear the stories of factory owners and workers.

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DJ Workshop 

every saturday from 16. 09. 2021 – Žilina

Pivnica Rave and Youth Office present a series of DJ workshops at Stanička.Get to know the hardware and software used in music mixing and gain the know-how of mixing music on a computer, on a DJ controller, CDJ players and even mixing on turntables.

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Reverberation of Sphéra

16. 10. 2021 – Žilina

Reverberation of Sphéra is a sound journey with six stops (testing, occupation, revival, filling, activating, achieving) which connects different parts of the New Synagogue and ends directly in the epicentre of Sphéra. Each stop – a musical standpoint – offers a different perspective to listening to Sphéra and therefore creates a map of different experimental sound and listening approaches.

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Ruin, Differentiation

13. 10. 2021 – Ostrava

“Opening of the third scene of the series Oh and Hah, Beauty, Ruin and Slack and its exhibitions. Audio performative situation by Nela Bártová with a collective of performers and performance by Marek Pražák.”

“The ruin that diversifies settles right in our bodies. It is an important indicator of how interconnected we are. Today, diversity is the answer to the great failure of monocultures, and the pressure for diversification is supposed to solve all our problems. We are asking, however, what about our integrity within the concept of diversity, how new kinships will form independent of gender, sex, race, species, class, party, citizenship, minorities, religions. Are new communities without fixed ideologies sustainable?”

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The Auschwitz Report

available in Slovak and Czech cinemas

On 7 April 1944 Alfred Wetzler succeeded in doing something unique – he escaped with the younger prisoner Vrba from the strictly guarded Auschwitz death camp. However, the aim of the escape was not to save one’s own life but to prevent the death of thousands of people. After a highly dangerous journey they came to Slovakia where a report on genocide was compiled. Through secret routes it reached the hands of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt and intervened into developments of World War II. The story full of tension and emotions, it engages a viewer with the thrilling drama of escape, absurdity of the development of history, but also with the inner strength of a man who opposed the perversity of the system. Vrba and Wetzler fled from the concentration camp to Žilina where they wrote a report thanks to which the world learned what was happening in the concentration camps.

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Autor: Filip Kováč

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