Beskids Events Advisor – Week 42/2021

Guided tour of the beer factory

24. 10. 2021 – Bytča

Have you ever been to the building where a beer is made? If not, you have got a unique chance this week. Visit a former beer factory in Bytča and find out more about the architecture of the building and the whole area with a professional guide. 

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Genius Loci Žilina: VŠDS

21. 10. 2021 – Žilina

Find out more about the local University of transport and communications during the regular events serie of discussions, Genius Loci in Rosenfeld Palace Žilina. The main aim of Genius Loci events is to introduce associations, institutions, or events which were making or still make culture and social life in Žilina. 

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Residence of Daniela Danielis 

18. 10.-23. 10. 2021 – Žilina

Daniela Danielis is a young weaver and contemporary textile designer. She is the founder of the weaving studio Wnoozow in Prague and also the Textile Craft Center Čadca, which is located in the former fabric Slovena. Daniela will create a special art piece whole week in Synagoga Studio. You can visit her during her process of creating and ask her what you would like to know about the textile craft and her work. 

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23. 10. 2021 – Frýdek-Místek

Discussion, reading, and joint performance of a Hungarian poet and percussionist and a Czech poet known for his sound experiments with sounds and syllables of words. 

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Evening tour of Frýdek-Místek castle

22. 10. 2021 – Frýdek-Místek

Traditional event for residents of Frýdek-Místek, but maybe not for you! Enjoy a special evening sight tour of Frýdek-Místek castle with commentary from a professional guide.

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Live music: Cashanova Bulhar

22. 10. 2021 – Ostrava

The current rap sound is already this Friday in Ostrava! One of the greatest young Czech rap talents will also stop in Ostrava as part of the tour, where he will present a show for his latest album Romeo.

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Foto Art Festival 

Until 24. 10. 2021 – Bielsko-Biala

Explore exhibitions of the ninth International Foto Art Festival in Bielsko Biala. Many debut shows of famous European and worldwide known photographers from more than 20 countries are introduced during this unique biennale. The festival is accompanied by open exhibitions, multimedia presentations, shows, workshops, and film reviews.

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Text: Filip Kováč


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